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We welcome new photographer artists to join us

If you would like your work hosted by Fox Galleries, please fill in the form below. This is a curated site, so all work goes through an approval process to ensure that a united look and feel is maintained.


What sort of images are we looking for?

Fox Galleries sells photographic art. It is important that we have a clear aesthetic and that our customers know that they are accessing an elite part of the market. There are many beautiful images exhibiting technical excellence, images that photographers should be proud of. A sunset, a waterfall or a bee on a flower can be great shots, and are denotative. They are literal, explicit and direct in meaning. We need all that and more, we need the added layer of connotation. Images must have symbolism, undertone, implication, nuance, inference and suggestion.

The images we are looking for must have a strong and impactful look. We want images that stand out and are memorable. This can be achieved through strong composition, a fresh approach, excellent post processing skills and an artistic eye.

It is also important that the images are distinctive to the artist. We want images that are easily recognisable and intrinsically linked through look, feel and style to the artist.


So when considering images you would like to submit ask yourself the following questions:

  1. “is this image layered with interpretative meaning and symbolism, or do I like it because it is beautiful and is attached to some great personal memories?”
  2. “is this image distinctive and memorable over others like it”
  3. “can someone looking at this tell that only I could have shot it?”


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