Danie Bester

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Danie Bester

I am a fine art photographer and photography educator and the founder of DPC and Photo Critic. I live in Pretoria, South Africa. I am married to my high-school sweetheart, Jenna and we have two adult children, Mia-Daniel and Minnette. 



Artist Statement


Over the past decade, I’ve tried my hand at many different disciplines of photography. Most of my earlier work was client and commercially orientated. Due to my involvement with other art forms and artists, and through studying the master photographers, my perception about photography as art, has grown and completely changed. Now I see myself more as a visual artist using a camera as the tool for creating my images, rather than the photographer I used to be.


I held my first Solo Exhibition in 2010, thereafter I co-founded an art gallery with six other artists which further boosted my love for visual art. I sell my art works through local galleries, and interior designers. Most recently, I have been honoured with my work being featured in the Collectors Guide to Art and Artists in South Africa.



Years ago, I bought a book “Camera Work” which feature images from the Pictorialist movement, which was headed by the great Alfred Stieglitz. Ever since, I have been an admirer of more abstract art forms like Impressionism and Minimalism. Ultimately it was landscape and urban photography that captured my heart, and is where I put into practice these inspirations. I prefer creating images which depict energy, mood, and silence, which is a theme I am exploring through my personal work. To create these images, I make use of several creative and experimental techniques like multiple and long exposures, lens, and motion blur, to communicate my messages.


As of late, I decided to break away further from the conventional forms of photography. Instead of going for the tripod; I often shoot handheld long exposures with tilt-and-shift lenses. In some instances, while making an exposure, I would deliberately move the camera to induce motion. I also use the tilt function of my tilt-shift lenses to create focus-blur. The main reason for using blur, is that it adds just so much depth and mood to the images. The fine surface details are blurred, while the overall forms and shapes remain. It is as if the quality and subtleties of the light are enhanced. The depth it creates, make the images seem transcendental and otherworldly. 



Current Projects

Works in Progress

  • Silent Concrete
  • Interior Spaces 
  • Johannesburg | Visions in Colour
  • Johannesburg | Visions in Monochrome
  • Figments 
  • Playpark


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