Botanicals Collection by John Fox

The Botanical Series

While researching some of the great master’s works, I revisited the botanical images of Karl Blossfeldt. His work was of great inspiration to me and his handling of the subject matter is just superb. The images are monochromatic and have an architectural quality about them. I wanted to honour nature in the same way by shooting clean and uncluttered images of natural objects as a tribute.

I have always been fascinated by seeds as it is unfathomable that they hold the entire potential of a tree within themselves. I want these images to share the awe I hold for the potential which seeds hold. So the series which started out as “nature” is becoming more focused on seeds specifically. I spend a lot of time considering how to handle each one for the best outcome before I even start shooting it.

Originally I intended these as black and white images but when it came to the processing I tried different variations and liked them better as colour images. They work for me in colour as the saturation is subdued and the image remains relatively monochromatic. They are shot to accentuate the beauty and intricacy of the seeds which ensure the continuation of generations to follow.

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