Artwork by John Fox
Limited to 10 editions only
Premium Collectable Series

Sold as a 400x1200mm metal ChromaLuxe panel, which is ready to hang.

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The story behind the image:

Lighthouses are traditionally built in geographically interesting areas where the terrain is wild and hazardous. I was shooting this particular lighthouse in Norway and getting very typical lighthouse images. But I wanted more depth to the subtext of the shot than a classic postcard. On reflecting upon what makes Lighthouses intriguing, and then trying to communicate the isolation and remoteness I set about trying to communicate that aspect. I am ecstatic with the resulting image which perfectly communicates the lonely and isolated visual narrative. It is especially successful for me in that there is no ocean or even coastline depicted in this lighthouse shot.

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700×1000 mm

Print media

ChromaLuxe Metal Panel