out of reach canopy


Artwork by John Fox
Limited to 10 editions only
Premium Collectable Series

Sold as a 700x1000mm metal ChromaLuxe panel, which is ready to hang.

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The story behind the image:

I absolutely fell in love with this image from the moment I saw it on the back of my camera LCD. It all came together really easily, and the results exceeded my hopes. I did not know which silhouettes could be added to this especially as I already had an image filled with birds which seemed the obvious root. I also did not want to take anything away from this fantastic form and composition by cluttering it up. After much deliberation I decided to add insects in representation of what one would expect to find in the emergent layer of a jungle tree canopy.

I remember being told at school that you could identify the root architecture of a tree by imagining its shape underground. I am tickled by the roots shown in my image being used to representing the very tops of trees and jungle canopy. When I found this stem and root ball it was still holding a clump of soil. I had to break off all the ground to reveal the roots, it was like a lucky packet as I could not know exactly what I would find.

Insects have been the hardest silhouette to work with as they are meant to sit on the ?branches? and not in-between the gaps where I have normally been able to place all my other animals.

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700×1000 mm

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ChromaLuxe Metal Panel