Artwork by John Fox
Limited to 10 editions only
Premium Collectable Series

Sold as a 700x1000mm metal ChromaLuxe panel, which is ready to hang.

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The story behind the image:

While walking through my local park I was almost out the gate when I discovered these roots. Black jacks had been uprooted and discarded onto the grass. I was supper excited with this find, more than is reasonable for a person coming across dead weeds. I knew this was exactly what I needed for my next photo. I knew that one of the landscapes I wanted to represent was the African savannah and this lent its self to that. Choosing which animals to add was quite difficult as not everything I wanted to add fitted into the space.

The original version of this image I gave a purple tint, it was a lovely colour which I chose as it was very different from the other images which I had already added. It just did not communicate Africa to me, and after a rethink and a fiddle, I got this dusty orange which I feel is a much better fit. This image has a very strong personal connection for me and reminds me of my childhood.

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700×1000 mm

Print media

ChromaLuxe Metal Panel