Artist resources

Here are a few tools for the working photographer.


Sample model release

A model release form is necessary any time you want to sell an image and it contains a person within the frame whom is identifiable. You can download a sample model release for your photography below.

Simply add your details and your logo.




Sharpening the correct way “Lab mode sharpening”

Simply the best way to sharpen up an image in Photoshop. This only works on images that are shot in focus, soft images go in the bin I am afraid. I use it on every single shot I take, in fact I use it so often I made it an action.




Lightroom export pre-sets

To add images to the Fox Galleries Website we need to versions of your image. Firstly, we need a Jpeg for the website product page. Secondly, we need the full resolution image file so we can print it when an order is placed. To simplify these steps you can download from the link below some export pre-sets which work in Lightroom.

To install them; download the files from the link below. Open Lightroom and drag and drop the downloaded files onto the Lightroom library workspace; Lightroom will ask if you want to install these pre-sets, say “yes” and it is done!