Artwork by John Fox
Limited to 10 editions only
Premium Collectable Series

Sold as a 700x1000mm metal ChromaLuxe panel, which is ready to hang.

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The story behind the image:

I wanted to represent the mountains. Within the confining factors that make up this project it was very difficult to source the right found natural object. Mountains for me are hard, jagged things with strong angles. For my images to work I needed flat and thin subject matter, which is in strong contradiction to most things ?mountain? like. Perseverance pays of and after months of keeping my eyes peeled I came across a rusted and crushed can. This was the first time I was to shoot a manmade object instead of a natural one. I was instantly enthralled by what nature had done to the can and how it had been improved through its return to the earth. This project started as a study of how natures decay led to fine, intricate and beautiful shapes which are improvements on the original form.

My first version of this image left me unsettled. After some thought, I tackled it again, and reshot the image and reused the can. I had found the image a little too dense and I wanted more fine detail and hidden shapes from the resulting intricacy. So I poured acid over the piece of can so it could get eaten away. After 15minutes of exposure to acid I rinsed it off. The result was exactly what I was looking for, and I now had an image which better matched the rest of the collection. The natural process of materials breaking down results in magical and unpredictable treasures.

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700×1000 mm

Print media

ChromaLuxe Metal Panel